"Fishing is not only our Favorite Hobby BUT our Full Time Job"

Get Hooked Charters Galveston offers Inshore Fishing Charters such as Bay Fishing Charters, Jetty-Channel Fishing Charters, Shark Fishing Charters as well as Offshore Fishing Charters such as Beachfront Shark Fishing Charters, Deep Sea Fishing Charters, Blue Water Fishing Charters and Tuna Fishing Charters. Fishing Charters out of Galveston since 2007 and always Family Friendly Fishing Charter options. Book Direct on our Trips and Pricing Page or Call us at 409-698-7112

April 1st to 17th, 2024

We are seeing sharks now pretty regularly on the jetty trips as well as starting to see them on the close offshore trips so get those shark hunting trips booked! On the Beginners bay trips we have been seeing some pretty nice pup drum, sheepshead, reds and more and we offer those in 2 and 4 hour and they are great for beginners and small kiddos who want to stay very close to dock and learn how to fish. The family friendly Jetty-channel and extended bay trips are producing smaller sharks, reds, sheepshead, pup drum, monster black drum and more so those are the most popular and good trips year round. Call TODAY to get your Galveston Fishing Charter Adventure booked with Get Hooked Fishing Charters Galveston 409-698-7112

March 14th-20th, 2024

More great fishing with the first signs of sharks inshore so now is the time to start booking those jetty-channel shark trips as well as the close offshore shark hunting trips. Still some really nice Sheepshead, pup drum and monster black drum in the area as well as a few scattered pompano which are excellent eating. Don't wait, call Melody today at 409-698-7112 and get your Galveston Fishing Charter Adventure booked this spring and summer.

March 5th-13th, 2024

WOW! Fishing has been really busy and good with tons of BIG Sheepshead and Monster Black drum as well as the start of seeing stingrays inshore (which means sharks are getting close). Lots of famalies out with us this last week for spring break and we love to see the kiddos having a blast. Get Hooked Galveston Fishing Charters are the perfect way to spend time on the water with your favorite people. In business since 2007 so this is our expertise and not just our hobby. Call Melody NOW and let us show you a good time on the water.

March 1st-4th, 2024

Some really NICE size Sheepshead are being caught as well as some Monster Black Drum and Flounder on the inshore trips. Lots of families this time of year making it one of our favorite seasons. Bring the family and make memories on the water this Spring Break. Galveston Fishing is a great way to spend time with the family so don't wait, call us now to book your charter fishing adventure.

January 1st, 2024

The last couple of days on Inshore Fishing Charters have produced some big Bull Reds, Flounder, Sheepshead and Trout to name a few. Inshore has been pretty good the last week or so despite some windy slower days. This time of year can be tricky as weather conditions transition from fall to winter and we never know what to expect week to week. GalvestonFishing charters are available year round so always something to be targeting, especially inshore out of Galveston

January 10th, 2024

The Monster Black Drum run and the Sheepshead run have started on the Inshore Fishing Charters and we are seeing some NICE Sheepshead in the jetty-channel area. These fish are fun to catch and super good eating. Visit the trips and pricing page to view availability and to book direct on the site or call Melody 409-698-7112 Offering Inshore Bay and Jetty fishing charters year round and Offshore and Deep Sea Fishing Charters Seasonally