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Pay in full is the only option on the site but if you book by phone we can do just a $100 and up deposit and the rest is not due until trip date!!

**2 Hour Family Beginners Bay Trips Available by calling direct to Melody at 409-698-7112   $400 up to 3 people and then $50 pp after up to 6 max

Jetty/Channel OR Extended Bay Trips are as follows

4 HOURS (Allow 5 Hours with Travel, Fish Cleaning and Loading and Unloading)

*24 FT Standard Boats $550 FOR 1-3 PEOPLE AND THEN $50 PP AFTER UP TO 6 MAX (EXAMPLE: 4 people = $600 Total Price)
*25 FT Mid Size Boat ADD $100 UPGRADE (EXAMPLE: 4 People = $700 Total Price)
*39 FT Triple Engine Boat- 2 Crew Members ADD $200 UPGRADE (EXAMPLE: 4 People = $800 Total Price)

6 HOURS (Allow 7 Hours with Travel, Fish Cleaning and Loading and Unloading)

*24 FT Standard Boats $750 FOR 1-3 People and then $50 PP after to to 6 MAX (EXAMPLE: 4 people = $800 Total Price)

*25 FT Mid Size Boat ADD $100 UPGRADE (EXAMPLE: 4 People = $900 Total Price)
*39 FT Triple Engine Boat - 2 Crew Members ADD $200 UPGRADE (EXAMPLE: 4 People = $1000 Total Price)

Trip Description
Jetty-Channel Trips take you out about 30 minutes to the Galveston Ship Channel and / or Galveston Jetties depending on daily conditions and are Great Trips for Beginners and Experienced Anglers both. They are Very FAMILY FRIENDLY and can produce species like Big Reds, MONSTER Black Drum, Sharks, Trout and much more depending on conditions and time of year. If you opt for the Extended Bay we will venture out in the Galveston Bay Area up to about 15 minutes as well looking for working birds and bait trying to find that Famous Texas Slam with some nice Tout, Reds and Founder being possible! The Extended Bay is usually A popular trip Choice for Intermediate to Experienced Anglers due to the Fishing methods used BUT is good for any experience level if you are willing to learn. NOTE: We are NOT back bay guides fishing the skinny or shallow waters as those are specialized boats that are only good for shallow water. If you are looking for a skinny water guide, we suggest finding a guide that focuses only only shallows or marshes. Galveston Offshore Fishing Charter Options


State Water-Beachfront Close Offshore up to 9 Miles / Shark Hunting Trips7 Hours Dock to Dock (Allow 8 Hours with Fish Cleaning and Loading and Unloading)
*25 FT Mid Size Boat $1200 up to 4 People ($50 PP After that up to 6 Max) (EXAMPLE: 5 People = $1250 Total Price)
*39 FT TRIPLE ENGINE BOAT, JUST ADD $100 TO ABOVE PRICE (EXAMPLE: 5 People = $1350 Total Price)

Trip Description
The State Water Close Offshore Trips are also nick named "Shark Hunting Trips" and are up to 9 miles Offshore or past the Galveston Jetties and are several miles off the Beachfront doing things like Drifting behind Shrimp Boats, Finding Schooling Bait Fish, Tying off to a Close Rig or Visiting The Radio Tower while looking for Sharks, Ling (Cobia), Jacks and more. This trip is a GREAT choice for the group that wants to Experience Offshore but wants to keep that land in sight and, The Adrenaline of catching that Monster Shark is NO JOKE!

Galveston Deep Sea 30-60 Miles Offshore
Approximately 8-10 Hours total time with Fishing, Travel, Fish Cleaning, Loading and Unloading
*39 FT Triple Engine Boat $2200 Up to the 4 People - $75 add on up to 6 MAX (EXAMPLE: 5 People = $2275Total Price)

Trip Description
Deep Sea trips take you 30-60 miles offshore out of Galveston and are Super Exciting! You will do things like troll around Wrecks and Rigs looking for species like Ling / Cobia and Kings, tie up and bottom fish a Rig Offshore for Big Snapper, drift over Underwater Structures and look for Weed Lines out there holding the beautiful and tasty Mahi-Mahi / Dorado. The different species possible on this trip will blow your mind so we won't try to name them all. This trip is good for any Experience Level fishing wise BUT we suggest not bringing small children along on this Adventure.

Galveston Blue Water EXTREME 70-100 Miles Offshore
Approximately 12-14 Hours total time with Fishing, Travel, Fish Cleaning, Loading and Unloading
*39 FT Triple Engine Boat $3200 up to 4 People - $75 Add on up to 6 MAX (EXAMPLE: 5 People = $3275 Total Price)

Trip Description
Blue Water EXTREME is called that for good reason!! 70-100 Miles Offshore, Beautiful Blue Water and so many exciting species to be targeted. Fish such as Grouper, Tuna, Kings, Ling / Cobia, Mahi-Mahi / Dorado, Big Snapper, Wahoo, Sailfish and more call these waters home and we aim to put you on a few of them out there! Like the Deep Sea, it can be Family Friendly but we suggest that the Kiddos sit this one out unless they are a bit older and have tested out their Sea Legs prior to this trip. This is a once in a lifetime kind of trip and will leave you addicted to Blue Water Fishing. Call us TODAY, you know you want to!

Galveston Overnight Tuna Trip / Blue Water EXTREME 100+ Miles Offshore
Approximately 18 - 20 Hours Total time
*39 FT Triple Engine Boat $4700 up to 6 People

Trip Description
This extended Blue Water Extreme trip offers the chance to fish overnight for Tuna as well as deep dropping for other species such as Grouper, Tile Fish, Trolling for Wahoo,  Kings and more when conditions allow. Ideally, we like to leave around noon or 2 pm on Day 1 and fish a few spots on the way out and then set up to tuna fish in the nighttime hours and then head back in the early early morning hours  but on occasions where we have inclement weather or conditions that we need to work around the get the trip in, we may alter the times to accomplish that.  This exciting adventure takes you about 100 plus miles offshore and is about 18 to 20 Hours Total Time. No Children allowed as conditions can change at any time and this trip is best suited for adults for that reason so please only bring guests 16 and older.

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